Job Ready Pre-employment Training & Assessment

The training advises job seekers on job search methods or career options, providing advice and assisting with the preparation of cover letters and resumes.

1. The pre-employment training has two components.  First, in a group situation, the candidate is taken through all of the phases necessary to find employment. The first aim is to reacquaint or train candidates in the process of obtaining employment and includes the following functions:

  • Employment terms and what they mean. This is so that the applicant knows exactly the type of employment that they are seeking and/or applying for. This includes traineeships and apprenticeships.
  • How to plan an employment approach.
  • How to approach and conduct yourself in an interview.
  • Personal skills analysis.
  • Resume writing.
  • How to understand and apply through job advertisements.
  • Completing Job application forms.
  • How to keep you job.
  • Workplace conflict and how to deal with it.
2. The second aim of the workshop is to help applicants understand all the aspects needed to successfully apply for and obtain employment. In the below demonstration Tailored Workforce training focuses on the logistics industry, specifically warehousing. This includes familiarization of the following warehousing functions:
  • How to receive and record incoming goods including inspection and quarantine.
  • How the put away function works and the equipment associated with put away including high reach and double deep equipment.
  • How the picking function works.  That is, understanding a pick slip, understanding where in the warehouse items will be located and knowing how to stack a pick pallet or pick bin. How to use RF scanning.
  • What happens in a dispatch environment including time windowing and time slot management?
  • Warehouse housekeeping.
  • OHS in the warehouse.

Each workshop is tailored to suit the Clients requirements based on skill levels and industry requirements.

At the end The Client will receive a personalized report outlining the progress of each individual participant.

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