Indigenous Recruitment

Tailored Workforce has established a reputation based on an organizational commitment to building sustainable and placing an importance on strong partnerships within indigenous communities. This reputation has been achieved by:

  • A genuine understanding and commitment to indigenous culture and values into workforce training and policy
  • Creating deliberate and specific programs for indigenous recruitment, training, ongoing career development and retention
  • Engaging with local indigenous businesses

It is critical that the community is engaged as an active partner in planning and implementing indigenous economic participation. The need to move away from a passive ‘acceptance’ culture to active partnerships with a voice in their future is a key to success.

Traditional HR strategies that treat everyone alike can create barriers for indigenous employees as they try to integrate with mainstream workforce. Tailored Workforce looks at the need to create specific strategies that are culturally sensitive; understand the community experience and enable effective communication during recruitment.

Tailored Workforce includes the use of community networks and indigenous organizations to advertise vacancies and to understand needs and identify roles that indigenous employees would excel or work well in.

Retention Strategies

Underpinned by flexibility, Tailored Workforce retention strategies reflect a high level of cultural sensitivity, incorporate ongoing mentoring and support, look for career development opportunities and address racism and prejudice by providing family support and work readiness programs to enable and enhance self-esteem.

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